We are Business Consultants and Businessmen offering services to foreign persons planning to do business with Chile. Setup of a fresh company in Chile including all financial and legal issues, including contracts, banking operations, bringing in funds complying with all taxes rules. Advice on obtaining a Visa to stay in Chile, hiring personnel, labor laws, environmental rules, etc. We have more than 25 years of experience, working with lawyers and other experts to offer the best service possible.

Contracts for buying and selling real property. Incorporation of companies, joint venture agreements, guidance to beginners to the complete Chilean legal system. You can expect our customized service working with investing in Chile, obtained though decades bringing in money to Chile. Internal Revenue tax and Filling planning for people and companies.

How to obtain a RUT or taxpayer quantity. How to approach Chilean taxes, duties on importation. Some taxes benefits and breaks. Maintaining your accounting records, reporting under IFRS rules all of your financial reports. EXPORTING TO CHILE . Assisting foreign business to sell their products in Chile, finding a Representative or an area business thinking about your products. Assisting international business to get the product or service they need, from a Chilean company offering it.

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To international people finding the business opportunity best suitable to their interest and amount to commit. Chilean companies needing somebody or an buyer. We have always a business on the shelf seeking growth. We are able to represent you locally to control theses businesses. We find a property for you in Chile, caring for contracts, checking the Registers, and getting the best deal possible.

We show you to secure your investment. Incorporate as partner or trader to a preexisting business and we help you on the procedure. Invest trough us and we manage your investment. In both situations you learn by doing, under a Tutorial assistance. We are owners of properties and business opportunities and we seek an investor.

If its convenient, we can be partners on a specific deal. We are business specialists able to offer all your concerns, including lawyers, technicians, accountants, geologist, etc. If you want a specific service, we can hire or search for you. Tell us, and we will answer at the earliest opportunity.