The Most Important Aspects Are Location

The Most Important Aspects Are Location

Investing in commercial property is well beyond the financial method of most people. Few are able the large sums of money involved in buying commercial real estate. For the majority of us our investment in real property is limited to where we live – our home. But our home doesn’t create any income or cash flow. Actually it costs us profit maintenance probably, rates and upkeep.

Sure the financial incentive to invest in your house is to offset the expense of renting or the administrative center benefits you get when you sell your home if it’s value has gone up. Most financial advisors will let you know the best investment strategy is to pay off your home mortgage as quickly as possible to reduce your debt. But think about after that if you want to purchase property? A selection is got by you – invest in another residential property or a commercial property.

Residential properties could give a good cash flow from rent, but there are associated inconveniences to get good tenants, poor tenants trashing your property, and the ongoing cost of maintenance. If you want to play the role of the landlord and being involved with all those activities great! But what if you want a hassle-free commercial property professionally managed.

An ever more popular investment amongst smaller investors and retirees is through syndicated property trusts. That is known as immediate property investment where smaller investors buy small parcels of a larger property through a prospectus. These projects are marketed and managed by certified property dealers. The prospectus is lodged with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and the house and syndicate is professionally managed. 1.45 billion spent. Nearly 60 % of the investments use lent money, known as “gearing”.

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10,000 and gain exposure to the commercial property market. Addititionally there is the added benefit of the commercial property market often being in negative relationship with the share market, so investors can spread their risk across their profile. Another advantage provided is the standard income provided by syndicated property trusts, high yields, and relatively low risk.

Simon Toovey is the Managing Director of Glenmont Properties a Perth-based property syndicate. He says their main objective is to purchase properties that have quality tenants, long-term leases, strong comes back, and good potential for capital development. Toovey gives the example of an average buyer profile of someone looking for a secure, regular income rather than capital growth. The most important aspects are the location, lease, management, and tenants. Ultimately, it’s all about income.

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