#!!@ Rapid Weight Loss For Kids

#!!@ Rapid Weight Loss For Kids

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And really, is a 16 year-old extra fat child at the same risk for a coronary attack as a middle-aged fat adult? Are teenagers dropping like flies from heart episodes on wilderness treks really? I don’t believe so. Also to me this is why these arbitrary limitations are even more ridiculous for kids. Fat kids are not at the same kind of risk for the type of disastrous scenarios they may be most concerned about. OK, fatness is a minor risk factor for lower-extremity accidents in kids.

This may be because of an increased mass causing more drive in a fall, but it may also be because supportive equipment is not made for larger body or because instructors have no idea how to help bigger bodies securely. Still, the total risk continues to be quite low, and very few kids shall experience this damage, unwanted fat or not.

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It’s certainly not worth banning a kid from an activity across the panel. So while I understand the impulse behind weight limitations, to me the reasoning is more absurd for kids even. Again, you can’t tell someone’s fitness using their BMI. One mother reported to NAAFA in 2009 2009 that her son was having issues going to Philmont High Adventure Boy Scout Camp in Cimmaron, NM.

Frankly, neither kids nor adults should be prohibited from High Adventure activities based only on the BMI. Standards should be fitness-based instead. Let me clarify my son’s situation. We’re not discussing a kid here who has flexibility or fitness concerns. My child can be an extremely healthy 16 year-old who is very active and in great form.

Interestingly, he would never be discovered as obese by most people. He really doesn’t look “fat.” I’ve more familiarity with Body Mass Index guidelines than most, but even I had been deeply amazed at his last check-up to discover that he could be considered to have an “obese” BMI. He could be a very solidly-built child, like his father and paternal grandfather.

Not “big-boned” in the way that individuals use to make excuses, but truly big-boned in that he has an extremely substantial framework and is made solidly and muscularly. He doesn’t have six-pack abs, mind, but he’s plenty fit. In years past, he performed soccer, swam on the swim team, skied, and do track and field.

He regularly does long hikes with the Scouts, he got his Kayaking merit badge this past year in Alaska, and he gained the BSA Lifeguard Merit Badge just, a demanding achievement that few Scouts attain. This is not an out-of-shape child. He truly is plenty fit enough to do demanding programs, and there are a lot of skinnier kids in his troop that are a lot less fit than he is.