6 OF THE GREATEST Free Cycling Apps

6 OF THE GREATEST Free Cycling Apps

If you own a bike, the probabilities are you’re a fan of technology also, gadgets or puncture repair kits. Launched in 2007 by three ex-management consultants Endomondo is described as ‘a fitness expert in your pocket’. The application is essentially a task tracker nonetheless it was designed to motivate an individual through having a quantity of innovative features that aim to make fitness more fun, more sociable and more participating. Endomondo’s features can be divided between two main categories; the non-public trainer and the cultural motivator. Global Fitness Community for connecting with users all over the globe.

This app is focused on safety and simplicity. Rain Alarm is an extremely helpful application that uses governmental weather data to provide accurate, short-term weather forecasts using a satellite view. This is great for street cyclists who are deciding what things to wear before a cycle as well as for those looking to avoid the rain all together. The reliable short-term forecast uses practically real-time radar data that, if setup correctly, the Rain Alarm app can be used to work out a route that avoids patches of rain.

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The app gives detailed information on the kind of precipitation also through the use of a live map and some other helpful screens. There’s a website with various views also. The app has pre-loaded the majority of our tours, so you always have a backup in your pocket if you are feeling a little lost. It runs in flight mode, so saves on battery and roaming charges and keeps those pesky emails and interruptions away while you are immersed in the wilds. You can even map your own share and routes them with the growing community.

For more information and to download the app, you can visit our website or type Macs Adventure into the App Store or Google Play store. A tried-and-tested application that has been popular among cyclists for quite a while now, MapMyRide is a reliable route planning & fitness tracking app. The large data source of routes available on MapMyRide helps it is a good option for those looking to discover new routes in their area or for discovering a new part of the country. New features suggest the app may also be used to monitor performance and join challenges with friends or other members of the 40 million-strong community.

“In the united kingdom there can be an average of one road defect for every 110 meters of road.” Let that kitchen sink in. If you cycle in the united kingdom, specifically around Glasgow, this application is a novel way to survey potholes and other street defects to your neighborhood council. The FillThatHole app is operated by Cycling UK, the UK’s leading bicycling charity, and it is the easiest way to notify the local expert of any road defects.

Simply complete the proper execution in the application and the team at FillThatHole will the rest, keeping the bureaucracy and hoop-jumping to a minimum. Besides being a total nuisance that can harm wheels, potholes also pose a considerable danger to cyclists and other road users – the truth is, local authorities have a duty to keep up the roads and FillThatHole facilitates this. There it is had by you, Macs Adventure’s favorite and free cycling apps. If you want to get travel tips and advice, including the best of our blog to your inbox directly, sign for our newsletter up.

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