Appeal To American Workers

Appeal To American Workers

Introduction For so long, writers of all age range have made their appeals to kings, two queens, two archbishops, popes, and saints. For so long, writers of all ages have made their appeals to kings, two queens, two archbishops, saints, and popes. When endeavoring to move forward their own passions, men of characters would correspond with rulers and dukes of provinces. By contacting those in power, they were confident that their ideals would be expressed to individuals in the most succinct and powerful way.

An Appeal to the American Workers. First, while I am talking with my fellow brethren, my comrade people in the United States of America, I wish to say this. At first sight of the Communist and Socialist manifestos, their ideologies, the speeches created by their affiliated celebrations, while I heard these things for the first time, I had been in complete disagreement.

The language utilized by these demagogues of Communism was burdened by economic vocabulary. In some works that might be categorized as liberal, I’ve seen the term “aggregate” used five times in one word. Through these bizarre concepts, these technical explanations of a so-called sociological technology overly, these “decline in the wage conditions of proletariat” and “bourgeois distribution of prosperity,” through all of these are where the call is heard by us for Communism.

I first want to inform my readership that I am acquainted with these speeches, these pamphlets, these books, and I am familiar with the awkward and inhuman way that they have dealt with the economic question almost. I’ve seen men of Socialism do nothing but reprint sloganeer and manifestos, as if their drone-like actions were going to bring about the best state of peace, justice, and collateral for mankind known.

With that said, I wish to say that I and truly believe in the school of thought of Communism wholly. I am an advocate of the words of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in matters of economics and sociology. In many ways, I divert from the philosophy that they preached. I am also a follower of what of Mikhail Bakunin, Emma Goldman, and Alexander Berkman — the past due, forgotten Anarchists of yesteryear, whom openly opposed the quarrels of Marxian economics.

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Again, I diverge off their arguments in many ways. A Revolution — But Against What? If we are to consider an honest and goal look at the situation in the United States today, we will find ourselves looking face to face with some very grim and ugly facts. Many people are losing their jobs to outsourcing.

Corporate scandals are becoming an everyday occurrence. Folks have lost complete beliefs in this system that seems to perpetuate unemployment, poverty, and misery. This is not my view exclusively, but it is the view of people. More than half of the united states does not vote. There may be only one reason behind this: people believe that both political parties and their applicants are incapable of redressing the ailments of this dying nation. Yet, whenever we open our eye, we stillfind a lot poverty, so much misery, a lot homelessness.

We find ourselves in a person with a financial system that nobody has tried to boost upon — a financial system that is essentially the root of these social ills. In a 1997 research by the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, for every buck an employee gained, he made almost six dollars for his employer.

One dollar of this six earned income goes towards other expenses, such as replenishing the racks and electricity. Business Expenses, 1997 Economic Census, Company Statistics Series, 1997, Issued December 2000, EC97CS-8, US CENSUS BUREAU, U.S. Department of Commerce, Statistics, and Economics Administration, U.S. Which means, for every two dollars a Capitalist spends, he is given seven dollars back again. The investor makes money because he has money, as well as for no other reason. He could be taken care of at a predicament in life where additional money shall do him very little better. And while he could be surrounded in elegance, lavishness, and wealth, there are millions of children starving to death in our nation.

In 1980, the very best 1% of America possessed more than 25% of the country’s wealth, as the bottom 20% do not even own 1% of all wealth. U.S. Treasury, IRS. If this fact is not enough to disturb anyone of good conscience by itself, I really do not think anything is with the capacity of troubling them then. I could around continue steadily to parade figures.