Does Nitric Oxide ACTUALLY WORK?

Does Nitric Oxide ACTUALLY WORK?

However, you complete your workout once, your muscels gradually loose the bloodstream that it accumulated through the workout and it slowly goes back to normal. Of course, the pump is one of the best emotions you can get and too lose it, well, sucks. So, the man who brought creatine to the fitness world, Ed Byrd, provides you Hemodilator N02.

This stuff is supposed to help release nitric oxide at different times of the day to maintain your muscles feeling pumped. What Ed Byrd managed to do was produce a delivery system called phyex 9 which is meant to help promote the release of nitric oxide at different times throughout the day.

Certainly a beautiful concept for just about everyone out there who weight trains. Just walking outside Maybe? Well, I found out about no2 and it got my attention alot. So, I made a decision to give this supplement a go. I have to admit, these things is not cheap. 80 cash a pop, it’s kind of steep for the everyday working, weight trainer. Today, there are a whack of nitric oxide supplements out there and they all cost about the same.

Now, I needed my doubts. You observe, this product uses arginine as it’s main nitric oxide delivery mechanism. That is, arginine is supposed to cause the nitric oxide reaction that may produce the”pump”. Now, back the mid 80’s, I vividly remember a product called”Inosine” that was likely to do the same thing as No2.

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It was supposed to cause the small artieries to broaden which would cause more blood circulation in to the muscle. Well, as a young, wide eyed teen searching for a magic supplment, this fit the bill. I bought a bunch of inosine in the expectations that I’d be helped because of it build more power and power. A couple of hundred dollars down the toilet. I still see offers for inosine and I still tremble my mind. So, after a bit of research I made a decision to give this specific supplement a shot if the results were as effective as they claimed on the label. I choose to use the Hemodilator No2 for my nitric oxide dietary supplement review.

According to the label, it reads “NO2 produces a PERPETUAL PUMP, Helps Boost Strength, Augments Peak Power, Delays Muscle Fatigue” Well, will it do everything? First off, according to the label, they performed a medical trial of this dietary supplement at Baylor University. According to the results, there is a 300% upsurge in bench press power for individuals who were taking Hemodilator in comparison to those who have been taking a placebo (fake), over an eight week period.

Also, the group taking the Hemodilator gained more endurance and power than the placebo group on the same 8 week period. So, how do I fare with this dietary supplement? Now, I’m just finishing up my third container and the results never have been mind blowing. Maybe I was expecting too much out of this supplement but I haven’t gained as much as I would have hoped. There’s been a slight change from the pumps I get in the gym but they aren’t perpetual. The pumps stay in the fitness center.