FIREing While COPING WITH Parents

FIREing While COPING WITH Parents

Hello, all, I have posted before, but this thread transformed my life. I started tracking my net worth and being intentional instead of being just frugal (ironically, this forum helped me spend more). At the same time, I don’t see people discussing FIREing beyond themselves and their SO’s. I am from a normal history and I live with my parents, which I love.

30k a season), but with a paid home these were saving nothing at all, in their early 60s and got no pension plan. 45k in investments over the last 2-3 years. My mother would spend all her income (she raised 5 kids and were able to do it debt free, and was just used to spending all her money).

Their home is a 5 bedroom and well worth approximately 270k. I helped encourage them to downsize (sell this year) and get a duplex and rent out the other room for income. No-one uses the other rooms and the tool and property bills were not justifiable. My mom wants to rent the home out and my dad wants to sell so we will have what goes on (I am in the cell camp). My mother isn’t heading to work for long due to long years of stock working and my dad is disabled so this will help give them income and help them qualify for subsidies in a non-Medicaid expansion state.

It’s amazing because my parents used to always turn to me for money and today they can see pension being easier and developing a path which has taken a lot pressure from me. When I first began working they expected 3-5k per month from me and thought I had been greedy, but now they understand. 1-1,500 that I earmark for them to only devote to bills or their investments. I really like the fact that my money I would rent would go to my parents and it is helping them build wealth. 125/month. So quite a bit is kept by me of money and have been able to see my online well worth develop a great deal. I also make good money.

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220k all in with my job, part hustles (podcast and I do some personal finance and trading help for a lot of)- divide being 80% of this being W-2. 1MM by 30 and either go after my very own thing or work 9-5 because currently I work 60-70 hours a week on the good week. The most gratifying thing isn’t even being FI myself, it is empowering my parents to now live a life of intentionality rather than complaining about expenses or attempting. Their net worth now matches mine plus they came to the country as refugees never making above minimum wage.

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