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Manufacturer Name, Part Number, Short Description, Long Description, PO Text… These are just a few of the fields you may have come across during your experience working with various ERP/EAM systems. Since each platform is so unique, it’s important to comprehend the fields that are available within the chosen system, and which will be most valuable in the business process. Just because a system offers several fields doesn’t mean it is necessary to populate and use each and every field. Remember, more is not always better. Carefully select the fields that pertain to your business processes, can be migrated from your legacy dataset, and offer the best benefit to your organization. From here, you have established the foundation for your data formatting template.

Heading for an academic lecture or a mixing machine with your boss’s boss? A vintage navy or dark suit will last well. Proceeding out to an creative art starting in the town? Let your personality shine through with a patterned shirt or a colored suit. A couple of no strict rules with sticktail clothing, so play off the mood of the function.

If you’re on the more daring part of the sartorial size, try a couple of smoking loafers or shoes with your suit. This checkered blazer from Selected is formal but also fun enough for a sticktail party. The checked pattern gives you even more personality than a plain, solid suit while the slim fit trims your system. It’s both durable and comfortable, letting you easily move throughout the night when you chat it up with friends or colleagues.

Wear a plain white t shirt and a set of loafers for a fun, formal vibe. Sorry guys – informal does not mean you can roll out of the house in sweats. Business casual requires a certain degree of pizzaz – think blazer and slacks instead of sweats and your preferred tee.

Keeping an eye on the invite dress code will help you impress the group come sticktail hour. If you’re uncertain of the dress code, discuss with to see what your friends and co-workers are wearing. When in doubt, opt for a classic navy or dark grey suit and tie – worst case scenario you can slip the tie into the pocket if you’re overdressed.

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Business casual basically results in your nine-to-five apparel, if you don’t work in a laid-back office or if you work from home (no pyjamas, people). A business-casual look should look professional, but let a little of your personality play into it. A suit jacket with a more casual or non-matching trouser is fine, as is a dress top with regular trousers. Looking for a sick and tired blazer that’s perfect for colder weather?

This knitted blazer from Selected Homme can do the trick. The knit provides some really great consistency, getting a sweater-like feel to it. With some beautiful notch lapels, this trumps any cardigan in your wardrobe. Throw this over the white button up (and a tie if you’d like) for a business informal event or put over an extended or short-sleeve tee if you would like to be more casual. Putting a sweater underneath this will also work, but be cautious whenever choosing the knits as you don’t want them contending with each other.