For foreign traders, before you purchase St. Lucia real estate you need to acquire an Alien Landholding License. Are the details of the procedure Here. The beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia has, lately, become a popular destination for British retirees to buy property and relax to live out their years in their very own place in the sun. Simple, Streamlined, Welcome to St. Lucia!

I’ve never heard what “buying a house abroad” strike confidence into anyone’s center, but if you’re considering purchasing St. Lucia real property, rest assured that it is actually a fairly straightforward process. The St. Lucian federal government has recognized the worthiness of international investment and have streamlined the procedure of obtaining an Alien Landholding License to be as fast and stress-free as you can.

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  • Financial: Reduced cost of risk & conformity, improved bottom-line, value to stakeholders, etc
  • The property must not be listed for sale at the time of loan software
  • United Overseas Bank or investment company

No matter how easy it is, however, the very first thing you must do is enlist the services of an area-property attorney to help you navigate the mandatory governmental departments. In order to complete the application your attorney will need the following documentation and fees. 10,000 if over an acre or more to 10 acres.

50,000 for properties over 100 acres. Completed Once, the application is sent to the Physical Planning Office of the Ministry of Physical Development, Environment & Housing, from where it is then sent to the Prime Minister’s Office for the last approval. Following granting of the license, it’s returned to the Physical Planning Office and a draft copy is delivered to the Office of the Attorney General. While it is not just a complicated procedure, as in any nationwide country really, I’ve found that working with busy government departments here always takes a certain amount of time.

Even if everything would go to the letter you will have to allow at least 4-6 weeks anyway, and up to 90 days. After the Attorney General’s department has signed the license, your property attorney will lodge it with the Land Registry, which I’ve usually found takes up to fourteen days. The final step is to complete the transfer of the property to your name with a Deed of Sale, which your attorney will prepare. That is also when the money is transferred to the vendor plus they, in turn, sign the Deed of Sale. Once this is lodged with the Land Registry the process is complete.

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