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As was seen with the DBS case study, top management led by example, even placing their own jobs at risk possibly. The brand new culture must be communicated and reinforced often, using case studies that can be shared throughout the organization as to the way the transformation is succeeding. Beyond broad announcements, the new culture must be reinforced in private discussions, conferences, and as part of the review process.

Employees will only support initiatives where these are free to engage and start changes in alignment with the new culture. In other words, actions speak louder than words. When initiating the new digital culture, changing everything at once is not needed or even desired. Feel free to start small, building momentum with successes.

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This strategy is exactly why many financial institutions (including DBS Bank or investment company) have applied strategies to build different digital banking systems. Finally, it’s important to supply the right tools, levels of investment support and rewards that will provide the mandatory basis for success. Remember, creating a digital culture does not require the elimination of elements of the lender or credit unions that are highly successful. Oftentimes, what is required is a clear communication of the new culture and the approval of changes to old methods that may be successful in the new digital firm.

Even when you find one, it’s never clear how big their moat is. For instance, the traditional franchise is something like McDonald’s. Seems not difficult. But do you know how many other fast-food competition is there? How will you be confident that McDonald’s is going to do well and not Harvey’s? No one has said this but how can you make certain that McDonald’s doesn’t face “overcapacity”? After all, when there are 5 restaurants in every major block, isn’t that overcapacity?

Anyway, the franchise investment Bruce Greenwald mentions is John Deere, the farm equipment maker. I’m not sure I trust Greenwald’s conception of John Deere. He says (not quoted with this page) it didn’t post a big loss but how much of that is from the item growth? My feeling is that John Deere’s performance should be ascribed to the commodity boom, and not the franchise-like characteristics.