Use Bluetooth Headset As Computer Sound Device For Voice Chat

Use Bluetooth Headset As Computer Sound Device For Voice Chat

Hangout. Today I’ll show you ways to use a Bluetooth headset that are used as phone hands-free devices to have a voice talk on Windows. One might use wired microphones but if you have a Bluetooth headset then you will surely love the idea of going wireless. Windows 8-tablet users may use this method for connecting Bluetooth headphones also.

I have tested the guide on Microsoft Bluetooth Emulator that comes as a default Bluetooth device of all laptops and tablets. Bluetooth headset I used was a Nokia J but that should not make much of an improvement. So, let’s see how to go wireless while chatting. Step one 1: Download and install Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows on your PC.

This driver is essential even though you have the default Bluetooth driver that comes installed on your device. Step two 2: Having done that, reset your Bluetooth device if it was already linked to a phone to make a new connection. A lot of the devices can be reset by pressing the energy button for 5 seconds. Please, make reference to the Bluetooth instruction manual for your device if any uncertainties are acquired by you.

Step 3: After resetting the device, right-click on the Bluetooth icon on the machine Tray and select Add a Device. Step 4 4: In case your device was in visible mode, Windows will detect the new Bluetooth device. Double click on the device icon to include it to Windows. Windows will install all the necessary audio drivers for the device. If the driver installation fails, I would recommend one to install the Bluetooth driver for your computer and add the device once again.

Step 5: Following the device is added and it is installed as the sound drivers, right-click on the loudspeaker (sound) icon on the Windows tray and select Playback Devices to open Windows sound properties. Select Bluetooth audio speakers as the default device and get around to the Recording tab. Here select Bluetooth audio Mike as the default recording device and apply the settings. That’s all, all your Home windows sound output and insight will be redirected from your Bluetooth headsets.

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Settings might change depending upon the sound card on your computer and Bluetooth emulator provided from your manufacturer. Sound card may not cause much of a trouble but different Bluetooth emulator might change few steps. If you encounter any nagging problem while connecting these devices to your computer, don’t hesitate to inquire further in the comments.

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