The Well-Rounded Mama

The Well-Rounded Mama

Here is the abstract of a recently available study that discovered that exercise during being pregnant might be useful in reducing how long a high-BMI woman spends in labor. In the study, women of size who have been active during pregnancy had shorter labors (13.4 hours vs. 6.2 hours, vs. 16.7 hours for obese multips who were not active in being pregnant.

One extreme care is that research was small, so that limits the conclusions from it. Perhaps there have been simply not enough participants showing a big change in cesareans. On the other hand, its relatively small size may also have magnified the result on labor length. So there is certainly that caveat. And of course, this finding is only a correlation.

There are lots of people who exercise religiously and end up with long labors and/or cesareans, and some people who don’t exercise whatsoever and have easy short labors and births. Exercising is no guarantee of anything, but it does seem more likely to reduce the probability of problems. For example, some research shows that regular physical exercise during being pregnant might decrease the risk for gestational diabetes in obese women.

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Potentially reducing labor duration is just another reason for women of size to exercise during being pregnant. It’s a low-tech treatment that is very unlikely to harm (barring the uncommon contraindications to exercise in pregnancy) and seems likely to be helpful. If exercising is something you need to do, good work!

Keep it up. Regularity of exercise is more important in pregnancy than its strength. You don’t need to run marathons to benefit. The week Just get out and move most days of. If exercise is something you can on improve, get started. Select a form of exercise that you enjoy. Walking, swimming, dance, prenatal yoga, using an exercise bike, and drinking water aerobics are forms of exercise that are very friendly to women that are pregnant of size. And remember, any amount you do is preferable to none. You’ll feel better for having exercised, trust me (I definitely felt better in my pregnancies when I exercised).

And maybe it will pay back with a shorter labor, fewer complications, or less chance of a Cesarean too. J Sports Med Phys Fitness. Impact of physical exercise during pregnancy on obstetric outcomes in obese women. Tinius R1, Cahill AG, Cade WT. AIM: Maternal obesity is associated with problems and adverse outcomes during the labor and delivery process.

In pregnant women with a healthy body weight, maternal exercise during pregnancy is associated with better obstetric results; however, the result of maternal physical exercise during being pregnant on obstetric outcomes in obese women is not known. The goal of the analysis was to look for the influence of self-reported physical exercise levels on obstetric outcomes in pregnant obese women. 96) who received prenatal treatment and delivered at the medical center during the past five years.

Obstetric and neonatal final results were compared between your energetic and inactive groupings. RESULTS: Obese women who had been active during pregnancy spent less total amount of time in labor (13.4 hours vs. When stratified by parity energetic multiparous women spent significantly less total time in labor compared to inactive, multiparous (6.2 hours vs.