Chesbro On Security

Chesbro On Security

Google is Evil. Well, OK probably not evil, but Google is a huge corporation, plus some things that big business does can be quite much like YOUR GOVERNMENT. Google provides a wide selection of products and services, offering excellent security and features – but this reaches the trouble of privacy.

When you utilize a Google service or product, Google can easily see everything that you do, from the searches that you run on-line to the content of your e-mails. Do I think that people need to dump everything associated with Google? No, not at all – there are some ordinary things that Google will very well. If you wish to make information public – share it with the world – then Google is okay (assuming they don’t censor your articles and limit your free speech).

But if you would like personal privacy and control over your data, you may want to consider alternatives to Google then. If all you want to do is move from Google, consider switching to Yandex and VKontakte (VK). You can think of these as the Russian versions of Facebook and Google. Telegram is a nice messenger service that started in Russia also but is run out of Dubai now.

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If you are just attempting to gain additional personal privacy and control of your computer data, there are some alternatives to Google that you may want to consider. The first alternative is using a search engine that will not track and save your valuable search history. One of the most popular privacy focused she’s is Duck Duck Go. Another is Start Page, which profits Google see’s but acts as a search proxy keeping Google from monitoring your search background.

Getting rid of Gmail is vital to protecting your personal privacy. I recommend both Protonmail and Tutanota for private e-mails. Likewise, don’t use Google messaging services, use an end-to-end encrypted messenger like Signal or Cable rather. Chrome is Google’s browser. For all those that don’t use Microsoft Edge / Explorer, Firefox is the most typical alternative to Chrome. However, there are several other browsers available, and for privacy I like Brave. Users who want more control over their browsers might like Vivaldi.

Of course, for even more personal privacy you may want to connect to the Internet using TOR. Google Drive is okay for storing documents that you want to talk about with the public. For ensuring the privacy of your documents stored in the cloud, I would recommend SpiderOak One and Tesorit. You might also be thinking about Kolab Now. None of the services are free, which might be a consideration for minimal personal on-line file storage.

If you choose to stay with Google Drive or possibly Dropbox because they provide free storage, I recommend using Boxcryptor to encrypt everything that you upload to these sites. OnionShare lets you share files on the TOR network. Firefox Send, provides private, encrypted file sharing, letting you send files through a safe, private, and encrypted hyperlink that expires to ensure your stuff will not remain online forever automatically. These are a few of the possible alternatives to using Google just.