CHOOSING To Automate Your Software Testing

CHOOSING To Automate Your Software Testing

Not every software tests project can or should be computerized. Before your section accepts a fresh test automation task, you should set up a process by which tasks are examined and either turned down or accepted. This is done with a straightforward Test Automation Acceptance Checklist. The true cost benefit of test automation is achieved only once the same scripts are carried out multiple times.

The first execution is very costly since it includes the one-time cost of the automation tools and 100% of the Test Automation technical engineers time. When the scripts again are performed, the expense of test automation sharply declines. The tool has been purchased and the scripts have already been coded already. If there were changes in the application form, the scripts might require maintenance before being carried out. Maintenance on minor software updates should be minimal.

Because test automation is only successful when the scripts can be executed multiple times, only application which require the same test situations to be executed with the same data are good applicants for automation. For example, a mortgage program that should be regression tested on the weekly basis could be a good applicant for test automation. Script maintenance is minimal and the scripts can get into a mortgage software using the same band of test data in a small fraction of the time it would have a manual tester to check the same features.

On the other hands, a mortgage origination system, which cannot use the same test data for every iteration wouldn’t normally be considered a good automation applicant. Because of the nature of home loan systems, data could be staged in various areas of rejection or acceptance, structured on the current data and the departments who have already processed their part of the home loan program.

If the script cannot easily figure out what data to enter in the software, it is not a good automation applicant. Another problem with automating this kind of complicated system is that the test environment often contains a sampling of creation data that is rejuvenated on a regular basis. Sometimes this is conquer by rebuilding the test data when the test environment is refreshed. The feasibility of rebuilding test data on a regular basis depends on the complexity of the application.

You will have to make that decision on a case-by-case basis. Environmental balance is crucial to a successfully automating a software tests project. Scripts can’t be coded in a timely manner if the application environment is unavailable, encounters frequent down-times, or extreme mistakes and defects. It takes longer to create scripts than it can to manually test the same functionality. Most automation tools are watered down version of C or Visual Basic, which means that writing automated scripts is essentially programming and takes adequate time and specialized skills.

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Unlike manual test situations, which can be written structured off requirements and mock-ups sometimes, computerized tools require the real application. Whenever a test environment is unavailable, automation designers cannot create scripts, which prolongs the task and ends up priced at more. When a credit card applicatoin or environment is unstable, scripting progress is dramatically slowed or stopped altogether.

In some cases, its possible to keep scripting, but this might causes more just work at in the future. For example, if you are scripting in buggy code, you may have to script around mistake messages and the scripts will have to be revised at a later time. Or, you may only be able to create scripts to a certain point and complete them at a later time.

To help avoid and decrease environment instability, read the section on Service Level Agreements. Application defects do not have to be detrimental for an automated software tests project. When defects are fixed in a timely manner, scripting can continue without significant downtime. When estimating an automated testing project, its always far better then add buffer time that will support for defect reporting and revisions. When defect fixes take an excessive amount of time to resolve and are causing the automated software testing project to be delayed, it is time to draw a gathering together.