Self Skincare And Worth, Body Dysmorphic Disorder And Makeup

Self Skincare And Worth, Body Dysmorphic Disorder And Makeup

Get your practice in now. Comment and let me know which ones you would like to see tutorials on. 1. Beyonce “Party” Video Looks. 2. Kelly Rowland “Here I Am” Promo Look. 3. Cassie’s Bronze Eyes w/ Black-winged liner. 4. Kim’s Purple Smolder. 5. Katy Perry’s 2 Sets of Strip Lashes.

6. Jessica Alba Airbrushed Pink. 7. JLo’s Brown Cut Crease. 8. Rihanna’s Winter Frost Looks. 9. Selena Gomez’s Bottom Lashes. 10. Tika Sumpter’s Soft Pink Lip. 11. Kristen Stewart’s Lip Stain. 12. Tyra’s Bronze All Overlook. 13. Keri Hilson’s Gold Glitter Tear duct. 14. Nicki Minaj Bright Eyes & Pink Lips. 15. Royce Reed’s Multi-blue Shadow. 16. Amber Riley’s Magenta Lips. 17. Monica’s Pink Eyeshadow. 18. Jourdan Dunn’s Chocolate Eyeshadow and Carmel Lips. 19. Angelina’s Black Cat Eyes and Crease. 20. Zoe Saldana’s Smoky Brown Eyeshadow.

1-2 minutes is instant oats, 2-5 minutes is quick make oats usually, and jumbo oats or rolled oats usually take 6-8 minutes. Which means you can tell the type of oats by the cooking directions even if it’s not obvious which kind of oat are in the packet. You can hear buy Porridge Oats.

Rolled Oats (such as this) are when the whole oat groat has been steamed then rolled flat and is still intact. Squashed whole oats that will take a bit much longer to prepare or mix. When cooking food with these they preserve their form and don’t turn into mush like the prior types of oats so these are harder to blend.

If you mix these with a standard blender they could be a little bitty. You’ll get a smoother smoothie if you pre-soak these oats. They are more nutritious than quick-cook oats as they’ve had less processing. Rolled oats or jumbo oats take about 6 minutes to prepare. You can buy Rolled Oats here.

Oatmeal (Fine, Medium or Coarse) (such as this) has a far more coarse flour consistency than instant oatmeal. Although this is still a flour like regularity you would think this might be another easiest to blend after instant oats but it’s not that straight forward. Oatmeal hasn’t usually been so heavily processed, usually it’s only been steamed and then floor, and it often still has the bran or fibrous husk attached which is the floor along with the oat groat.

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This makes it very coarse but will give the smoothies a fascinating consistency (lumpy?). Oatmeal is one of the very healthiest types of oats also. This can reap the benefits of soaking in the liquid you want to add to your smoothie. Oatmeal may take up to a quarter-hour to prepare. You can hear buy Oatmeal.

Oatbran (like this) is produced by grinding oats with the husk still attached. It is very fibrous and nutritious but more challenging to process and it can benefit from soaking before use and might make your smoothie bitty. You can here buy Oatbran. Steel Cut Oats (like this) is whole oat groats that have been steamed then cut into pieces.