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Beauche is a skincare whitening product made in the Philippines, its one of the hundreds and hundreds of products here that guarantees healthy, white, glowing epidermis. It claims to eradicate pimples, dark spots, blackheads, whiteheads, pores and skin discolouration, minimizes the pores and undoubtedly whitening. Im the type of person who doesn’t have that much pimples I seldom have pimples even though I was a teenager, of course I might have a couple or 3 during menstruation but then it usually goes away completely.

It wasn’t until I worked and studied at the same time that pimples started breaking out all over the place, I did so try some products but of course none of them proved helpful plus my job demanded that I have a full on makeup. So essentially, I had been just exhausted and stressed out, my pimples would come and go but leaves scars so I gave up eventually. Excuse my excess fat face and sorry for the dark picture.

Those are marks by the way and most of my acne are papules, signifying its underneath the skin no pus and its very hard treat it. Month after using beauche So this is 1. I can assure you I didn’t edit this picture, its the light and I was sooo happy that the scars went away, though I’d still have some 2 or 3 3 pimples but thats it.

In my opinion the product do what it promises to do therefore much more. Its perfect for the weather/humidity in the Philippines here. Its cheap, I got mine for 750php for a set and they also have these promos that made it so worthwhile. The collection includes 2 toners, cleaning soap, 3 lotions: for morning hours and night time.

  • Cardiac study; ECG
  • May Cause Damage to the Musculoskeletal System
  • Step 2 – Exfoliate
  • The products have great structure and after use feel

The whole collection lasted me for 3-4months, depends on how you use your creams and stuff. Easy to buy, its available inside our local department store and its everywhere online basically just key in the words, I order mine from weblogs and facebook. Trust me, you will notice results in weeks of utilizing it.

There are side effects of using it. While you’re using it you will feel a stinging sensation and thats normal. In my experience it stung so bad that I use it slowly and lightly as I can and be patient while putting it on. Your skin will peel off, its either gonna be micro peeling that you won’t notice and the opposite, but this is normal when using the product also.

You will breakout ( yes I know weird but you will) but don’t be concerned just carry on and make an effort to use it in one month and it will GO AWAY. Please remember that Diet and Lifestyle will always have a large part on our skin condition. T) and have a wholesome lifestyle! And for those with serious acne conditions please consult your doctors first and check/change your diet plan.