Physician Review Websites Rely On Few Patient Reviews

Physician Review Websites Rely On Few Patient Reviews

The study of 500 arbitrarily selected urologists discovered that 79.6 percent of physicians were rated by at least one of the 10 free physician-review websites researchers analyzed. Eighty-six percent of physicians had positive ratings, with 36 percent receiving positive ratings highly. Healthgrades had the most physician ratings. Results were published online before printing in the Journal of Urology. Ellimoottil explained that because physicians typically receive so few ratings, an extremely negative or highly positive score from just a few patients could skew the physician’s rating.

Half of Americans who go surfing for health information look up their providers and 40 percent use physician-review websites. But there have been few studies about such websites. Ellimoottil, mature author Ahmed Farooq, DO, and colleagues randomly selected 500 of the country’s 9,940 urologists for inclusion in the scholarly research, including 471 males and 29 feminine urologists from 39 says. Researchers found no statistically factor in the median variety of reviews when gender, region, and city size were likened.

Comments were scored extremely negative (such as “He needs to stop working as he can barely walk”); negative; natural; positive;, or extremely positive (such as “One of the better checkups in a long time!!”). Three percent of the written remarks were extremely negative, 22 percent were negative, 22 percent were natural, 39 percent were positive, and 14 percent were extremely positive.

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