How About After Your Workout?

How About After Your Workout?

Do you understand how many calorie consumption you burn throughout a workout? How about after your exercise? After a tough workout of being tired have you ever felt totally energized instead? You may be still sweating just a little (or a lot) even after a shower. Some public people call it the after-burn or a workout high. It’s actually called the surplus Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. Technically EPOC is the increased oxygen consumed after strenuous exercise or activity to reduce the oxygen debt created by said exercise or activity leading to caloric expenditure. In layman’s terms this means the additional calories you burn off after exercise while your body is recovering back to it’s normal resting state.

Due to these extra calories being burned due to this “after-burn”, your EPOC can play a very significant role in weight loss. All this post-exercise work requires energy and this is where EPOC comes in. The quantity of calories burned post-exercise depends upon the quantity of air consumed during EPOC and exactly how long it endures.

We do know that EPOC is present after both cardiovascular exercise and power or weight training. We also know that one factor that can have a large effect on EPOC is workout strength. The quantity of EPOC is directly related to the strength of your workout. Both heavy strength training workouts and high intensity interval style training have been shown to really have the greatest influence on EPOC. Add Some Intervals – instead of just plodding away on the treadmill watching some reality TV show aimlessly, tremble up your cardio by throwing in a few high intensity intervals.

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Not only will they help you burn more calories while you are performing them, they can wind up your EPOC levels also, not to mention make running on a treadmill simply a little less boring. Lift Heavy – deposit those pink neoprene hands weights and begin lifting some real iron.

Choose weights which make it difficult (however, not impossible) to complete 8-10 reps. For the women who are frightened they shall become a feminine Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight, don’t get worried you won’t. For the people who want they could become Arnold over night, sorry it isn’t that simple. Some studies have shown that heavy weight training can have an even greater overall influence on EPOC than aerobic or cardio exercise.

Reduce Your Rest – Another simple yet highly effective way to boost your EPOC is to lessen your rest intervals in between sets while training. Rather than taking 1-2 mins between models, cut it down to 45 secs, and use a timer to keep you on the right track. Shorter rest fundamentally gives you less time for recovery thus needing more time following the workout to replenish the overall oxygen consumed through the workout.

Stick it out before very end, as well as your sense of accomplishment shall be irreplaceable. 7.Once you’ve reached your goal, never, EVER again let yourself blow up. This is actually the last and final barrier to ultimate success in your efforts to lose excess weight. Make sure never to allow you to ultimately relapse when you are in maintenance mode. I would recommend sticking with the same general principles that helped you lose the weight and then sometimes indulging in a few of the meals that you like.