Businesses, Non-profit Associations And Their Leaders

Businesses, Non-profit Associations And Their Leaders

Over the past decade, businesses, government organizations and non-profit organizations had tended to shift their focus away from their customers, constituents, and members. While many of the organizations have been growing, they have put their resources into areas other than client satisfaction. Outsourcing, globalization, technology, and consolidation have all offered to reduce the known level of customer satisfaction. But in this same period, there have been some entities which have put the client first.

It is worthwhile to examine these exceptions to the prevailing pattern away from customer satisfaction. The world of retailing is filled with look store with look alike products and services alike. Some have even declared that the department store is “dead”. Not just a Nordstrom. A visit to a Nordstom is breathing of oxygen after a day of looking for whatever at other shops.

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The stores are clean, well-organized, they often have live piano music and plenty of sales representatives at hand with only one purpose – to help the client. Most Nordstrom customers happily pay hook superior for the higher level of service. Plus they come to the store again and again back.

Hardware stores have grown to be cavernous warehouses providing both contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike. Despite having the difficulties in the buyer-consumer electronics business, there are still lots of “big box” consumer electronics stores. They often have everything in the real way of technology and entertainment products. They may be staffed by poorly trained sales representatives who seem and then be waiting for a much better job.

The customer service to check out people appear to be a good notch below the sales personnel. The atmosphere is both frustrating and oppressive to many customers. You have the Apple Store Then. The technology and the design of Apple products aside, much thought has gone into everything from the ground layout and materials to the training and attitude of the staff. The employees at the Apple store appear less sales people and more disciples of Steve Apple and Jobs Culture.

People walk out their way to spend the amount of time in the Apple Stores and are always ready to buy the next new device or device from that maker, regardless of price almost. Government at any level is not regarded as a good example of striving for superior client satisfaction. Whether at the local, state, or Federal level, most avoid dealing with the federal government if they can help it.

Think of your experiences with the united states Postal Service, a state automobile bureau or obtaining a record to or from your county government. No, not just a pleasant customer experience. Not long ago I found out that the government is committed to be “citizen-centric” which is authorities’ consultant speak for dealing with me and you like we are what it is focused on. I have yet to find that in my dealings with the government with one exception.

The Department of Education grips college student loans. Dealing with this business pieces a standard of excellence that few corporations or other business could match. If you have had the pleasure of dealing with them, guess what happens I mean. While they can not command a premium price, I am sure that they actually more business than they would otherwise because of their execution of the citizen-centric model.