The Musings OF THE Makeup Enthusiast

The Musings OF THE Makeup Enthusiast

Welcome to my fourth blog post. So far I am maintaining the every-other-day plan, although I am brief on time, and I am hoping you’re enjoying reading! You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @geebeautyx if you want to see more content from me and follow your blog for email updates each and every time I post!

If you would like to leave me a comment, to just say hi, ask me to look at your blog or give your opinion on something go ahead, I love chatting to readers. So, yes, I am going to follow the popular trend of the regular monthly “favourites” post surrounding the products, fashion, films, and music which I am currently really loving at the moment and I hope you can love them too.

My favorite thing when I come home after an extended day and freezing cold toes, is a good hot bath definitely. However in the while once, there’s one thing that makes my bathing time almost doubly relaxing. Lush. Damn, that store is aaaaamaaaaziiiinggggg. Some individuals say the smell when you walk in sends them dizzy, or sick, but also for me?

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  • A Vitamin C Serum That Even Sensitive And Acne Prone Skin Types Can Use
  • Ginger root
  • Teeth whitening products

Walking into a Lush store is similar to climbing the staircase to heaven. And my favorite lush product is most surely the gorgeous “candy hill bubble bar”! You crumble this swirly white and pink delight under the faucet as your bath runs to generate an array of bubbles on top of sweet-scented pink drinking water.

Okay, on to my preferred music at the brief instant. Now, my music flavor actually differs quite a lot. I enjoy a number of different genres – but mostly it’s indie or pop blasting out of my speakers. It really is such a great record, which is loved by me as much as their first album, The Balcony. The two albums are very different, the Ride includes some slower, more acoustic tunes like Heathrow and Glasgow. My number one song on the album?

ANYTHING. Yes, in the sense that I love everything and anything Catfish brings out, but also the track – “Anything”. They may be brilliant if you love indie music, and I don’t think any other music group can ace their sound as well as them. So, I started using it last month and it’s amazing how little I had actually used, as it has become my go-to daily scent. I’ve experienced so many compliments about how nice I smell, it’s such a great brand and all of their body mists are amazing, I will be buying definitely.