BY ADDING TheraHoney Gel

BY ADDING TheraHoney Gel

Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol. The use of honey in wound care is becoming more common because of the proven benefit in every three phases of wound recovery, as well as the antibiofilm and antibacterial properties. We present our experience using TheraHoney gel, a medical-grade honey, for the successful treatment of cochlear implant associated skin breakdown. To spell it out the role of TheraHoney gel in the management of cutaneous infections and ulceration associated with cochlear implants. Three cases of wounds treated traditionally with antibiotics, plus the addition of TheraHoney, were retrospectively reviewed.

With the addition of TheraHoney gel, complete wound closure was achieved at all three patients with no need for surgical reconstruction. Cutaneous disease with or without pores and skin breakdown is a common delayed problem after cochlear implantation. We show the effectiveness of adding medical quality honey to advertise healing in infected head pressure ulcers overlying the cochlear implant site.

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