I Am NOT JUST A Financial Planner

I Am NOT JUST A Financial Planner

A person can have multiple streams of income. These other streams of income will come from things such as businesses (100 % owners or incomplete ownership), rental properties, network marketing, connection interest, interest from savings accounts, and peer to peer financing. Interest from bonds, savings accounts and peer to peer financing are taxed as gaining income, there are no extra taxes like CPP and EI in Canada or like the excess taxes in America.

Income from businesses and investments are taxed less and some of these incomes can be done with little to no effort. There is only round the clock so the sum of money an individual can earn from his job depends upon his income and the quantity of hours he or she works.

If you possess a dividend paying stock, the business can pay you on the monthly then, quarterly or semi-annual basis for being an owner in their company. That is like clockwork, as along as the ongoing company continues to be profitable. The dividend can be increase, cut, and stay the same year to year. If you own accommodations property that positive cash flows following the expenses of the house are paid, that money is extra money that you have to pay your own bills or do whatever you like.

There are four types of income with a rental property that arrive on a financial record. The biggest advantage of multiple channels of income is that it can make your life a lot less nerve-racking as you will still have money to arrive if one of the income streams is removed.

  • Dividend Growth
  • Issuing Share Certificates
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Currently, my main income is from a job and it is supplemented by dividend income from the firms which i am a component owner of. I am not just a financial planner, financial advisor, tax, or accountant attorney. The information with this blog represents my very own thoughts and opinions and really should NOT be studied as investment or business advice.

As with any investment decision you make, it’s important to complete your own due diligence and evaluate if the investment matches your risk profile. There is absolutely no question an investment in Softbank posesses a fair amount of risk. To purchase Softbank, you must be comfortable dealing with this amount of risk in your portfolio.

Based on the investment strategy and history of Masayoshi Son, and what I feel is a low valuation presently, I made a decision to spend money on Softbank some time ago. To account for the high-risk nature of the investment, I have attracted from my small pool of money which is set aside to make smart and measured bets.