The Best Cities Where You Can Make An Airbnb Investment

The Best Cities Where You Can Make An Airbnb Investment

I discuss short-term rentals a great deal on this blog. Today But, instead of discussing my goals for 2017, I’m going to clue you in about how you can get started on your own short-term local rental empire. Today’s post is focused on finding the best city for an Airbnb investment. You can be an Airbnb host if you only own one property even. As long as you involve some extra room, you can begin.

That’s great for a small stream of income, but even more opportunity out there there’s. Have you ever wondered how much an Airbnb host can make from renting a good one-bedroom apartment in a favorite city? What about a two-bedroom? In towns with a higher occupancy rate – think places like NY, where there are always travelers coming in town – you will make thousands of dollars a month from one property.

An Airbnb investment is simply too good a offer to avoid. Why SPEND MONEY ON Short Term Rentals? Short term renting, or STRs, will be the best way to make a decent income in real estate FAST. And I’ve put my money where my mouth area is on that claim. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that my goal for 2017 is to run 50 STRs by the ultimate end of the entire year.

I get closer to that goal every day and earn a pretty penny while doing so! Grows your network – you know who you’ll meet! And, of course, an excellent return on investment. Simply put, short-term rentals are where it’s at in real property if you want to maximize your revenue.

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And so far as STRs go, an Airbnb investment is by considerably the best way to get potential tenants. The name recognition and network are both already there. Plus, Airbnb is mainly utilized by tourists…who are traveling with the intention of spending money? So given that we’ve established why you need to consider making an Airbnb investment, where should you buy property? I’ve curated a list of the best towns for STR business owners, just for you.

Of course, you can always start your short-term rental journey to home if you want to close. Reward if your home foundation is within or near one of the populous towns in the list below! However, if you truly want to increase the profit of your brand-new Airbnb investment, turn your eye to these four cities.